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Pay It Forward Ohio

Let's PAY IT FORWARD.  What goes around, comes around!

Foundation History

Pay It Forward Ohio was first started in the neighbors barn.  It started out as a garage sale and someone donated truck loads of things for us to distribute to women and children in need.  We had so much stuff we would pick up more every Thursday during the summer of 2011 and ran the sale Friday and Saturday until it got too cold.  It was such a help to the women's shelter and those in need that everyone kept asking if we would just open up a business in Utica.  During that winter I got all the paperwork done, 501(c)(3) application sent in, wrote the by laws, submitted everything to the state of Ohio and was ready for business.  We just needed a building.  I found an empty one that next spring and we opened in April of 2012.  We have since moved across the street to a larger building.  Our purpose is to be a help to Utica and the surrounding communities by supplying individuals or families with things they are in need of.  We service all of Ohio by picking up unwanted items from business's that are closing or individuals and giving them to those in need. The items that are not in demand at the time is put in our store for sale.  That money goes to help pay the operating cost.  All of our help is volunteer.  The donations consist of anything from crib sheets to vehicles.  Our long term goal is to have a Pay It Forward in every county of Ohio and even branch out to other states.  We would love your help in anyway you can,  either by volunteering to pick up items, deliver them, financially or just prayers for those in need.   Everything is appreciated!